Instructions WSC 6 Social SlideOut (Free)

Foldable, modern microslider based on HTML & CSS for the share button of the Woltlab software


If you would like an attractive social slideout for Woltlab Suite 6 with the built-in social links of the Woltlab software, then Gino Zantarelli offers you this free solution - based on HTML / CSS. The social slideout is only displayed if the function is activated in the ACP under the path Configuration > Messages > General > "Providers for sharing content" and the respective providers are activated.

This version does NOT use image files (this avoids unnecessary traffic), visually adapts to the style used and also supports mobile mode.

The editing of the text content is not as convenient as a plugin in the ACP, but easy to make directly in the code content of the box - the HTML guide contained here in the attached file is written in great detail and therefore suitable for beginners.


Unpack the downloaded ZIP file with a Pack program (eg with the free program 7-Zip), open the included HTML manual with your browser and read carefully. Each step in the tutorial can be marked as done by a included color marker.

Attention: This extension can only be used with the WSC 6, older versions are not supported (WSC 5 / WSC 3)!


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