How can I purchase a style license?

After selecting a style or style series in our shop, they will be guided through the ordering process. This can still be canceled until the payment.

Can I buy several licenses?

For our paid products you can purchase as many licenses as you require (eg for several domain uses).

How long is the term of an acquired license?

You will be granted a lifelong right of use for acquired license (s), which may also be passed on to immediate family members. In special cases, please note the §14 license withdrawal in the general terms and conditions.

Is it possible to additionally / subsequently purchase a branding free license?

At any time you can purchase one or more "branding free" licenses through the shop software. The branding free license entitles to remove the visible copyright in each style / style purchased.

May I resell my acquired licenses?

Customers may transfer their acquired licenses to other persons who need to be at least one member in the support forum. We offer this service free of charge. The customer may not charge any additional fees for the transfer of his licenses, the purchase price may not exceed that which was paid on the original purchase.

Can purchased licenses be subsequently withdrawn?

You agree to use the software offered by us only to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with these terms and conditions. An abusive use leads to the exclusion of the granted right of use (eg by unauthorized removal of the copyright, use of CSS code parts of the products for other commercial / non-commercial products or use for websites with illegal contents / warez). After the notice of abusive use, the granted license and the associated right of use will be withdrawn (license withdrawal). Transferred or acquired files are to be removed completely.

Already made payments, as far as legally permissible, are only refunded within 14 days after purchase of the product on goodwill basis. After the 14-day deadline, payments already made will not be refunded.

Which payment methods can be used?

Only products with the payment method "PayPal" can be purchased, other payment options are unfortunately not possible. If products are purchased with PayPal, they are subject to PayPal buyer protection.

Please refrain from inquiries concerning other payment options, these will not be answered & deleted without comment.

How long does it take to unlock my order?

Activation times depend on the method of payment used; in the case of PayPal use, the order placed will be activated immediately after receipt of payment. It may happen that transfer payments through PayPal are checked more closely, which can lead to delays of 1-2 days - we have no influence on the decision of the payment provider.

Will an invoice be issued?

As soon as the order is successful, you will receive your order confirmation by e-mail. The order confirmation serves merely to confirm the receipt of the order and does not constitute acceptance of your offer to conclude a purchase contract.

After successful receipt of payment and release of your products you will receive a payment confirmation whereby the purchase contract comes into force. By e-mail you will receive your invoice with successful receipt of payment.

Where can I download purchased products?

Acquired products can be downloaded under the menu item: My Account> Downloads.

Get support for products / style offers?

For customers, support for purchased products is guaranteed (but much longer) for at least 6 months from the date of purchase, which includes technical features of the style, header logo (standard logo), CSS issues and visual adjustments to unsupported ones Apps / Plugins. Support requests are handled and processed via the support forum only or conditionally by e-mail.

For customers who have taken over a first-time buyer account, the support is not guaranteed and severely limited. The services are limited to simple CSS fixes of the acquired styles.

For free quotes, conditional support is provided through the support forum, which is limited to CSS troubleshooting the style used.

Are you allowed to customize purchased & free styles?

Acquired styles / style series & free handed styles / style series may be optically and functionally adapted according to our license terms. Note that without a branding free license the visible copyright as well as copyright entries in CSS files and templates should not be removed, obscured or made illegible.

How can I get access to the WSC demo forum?

Send an email request via the contact page