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  • WSC 5 style series "Gloomy" WSC 5.3.x - WSC 5.5.x

    Premium gaming design in 7 color variations with dark content, special adjustments, user extra panel, AddFooter v 2, label box, discord / teamspeak box, partner slideshow and much more.

  • Login / unsubscribe box with user avatar, date / time, welcome text with attribution for the sidebar (German / English)

  • WSC 5 style "Color me!" WSC 5.2.x - WSC 5.5.x

    Dark, colorful premium design with elegant roundings, animations, plastic badges, AddFooter v2 and various adjustments.

  • WSC 5 style "Blue Christmas" WSC 5.3.x - WSC 5.5.x

    Unique vector style with atmospheric color design, snowfall, lovely image headers, decorations and special adjustments.

  • WSC 5 style "Company" WSC 5.3.x - WSC 5.5.x

    Bright, clear premium design for commercial and blog sites with scroll header, AddFooter v2 and many other adjustments.