WSC 5 / WSC 3 Sheet Slider-Box (Free)



If you would like an attractive picture slider box with title texts for a maximum of 10 pictures for the Woltlab Suite 5 / Woltlab Suite 3, Gino Zantarelli offers you this free solution - based on HTML / CSS 3 and Java Script. The box can be used in the content and also the sidebar.

Editing the text content is not as easy as with a plug-in in the ACP, but it is easy to do directly in the code content of the box - the HTML instructions contained in the attached file are written in great detail and are therefore also suitable for beginners.


Unpack the downloaded ZIP file with a Pack program (eg with the free program 7-Zip), open the included HTML manual with your browser and read carefully.

Each step in the tutorial can be marked as done by a included color marker.

Published Versions

  • WSC 5 / WSC 3 Sheet Slider-Box (Free) 1.0.0 (Jun 14th 2020) - Download
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