WSC 5 / WSC 3 HTML Simple AddFooter (Free)



If you want an attractive linkerea ad for Woltlab Suite 5 / Woltlab Suite 3 with customizable link content, social links (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitch, Steam, Instagram) & Textbox, then Gino Zantarelli offers you this free solution on - without Java Script, image files & only based on HTML / CSS 3.

This version does NOT use any image files (this avoids unnecessary traffic), adapts optically to the respective used style (via CSS @ definitions), is purely based on templates and supports German as well as English.

The editing of the footer content is not as convenient as with a plugin in the ACP, but easy to do directly in the template - the HTML guide contained here in the attached file is written in great detail and therefore suitable for beginners.


Unpack the downloaded ZIP file with a Pack program (eg with the free program 7-Zip), open the included HTML manual with your browser and read carefully.

Each step in the tutorial can be marked as done by a included color marker.

Published Versions

Small businessmen acc. Section 19 UStG.