WSC 5 / WSC 3 style series "W-Basic" (Free)

WSC 3.x.x - WSC 5.5.x


Modernized, customized WSC 5 / WSC 3 style series as current standard reference with changeable background, header image, repositioned Main Menu & more. All color themes can themselves be adjusted comfortably via the color palette of the style.

Professional modifications & visual adjustments have been made to list a few:

Pop-up window optimized (user menu pop-up reduced by approx. 30%) | Complete tables revised and line errors fixed | Representations of codebox, quote, spoiler adapted | Redesigned & improved image viewer display

Optical adaptations to various plugins:

This style optimizes views of various plugins such the Revo Reloaded Shoutbox from Sonnenspeer / Gino Zantarelli, the Woltlab Blog, the Woltlab Filebase, the Woltlab Calendar & the Woltlab Gallery.

Flexible width & smartphone suitable:

The width of this style is max 98% and automatically adapts to smaller monitors, tablets and smartphones - of course, the width setting is also up to you...

Full browser support:

This style / style series supports all modern browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi in the current versions, conditionally Internet Explorer from version 11 & Safari are supported. Older versions of Internet Explorer are not supported!

Support WSC versions:

This style / style series supports the WSC 5.5.x.x, WSC 5.4.x.x, WSC 5.3.x.x, WSC 5.2.x.x, WSC 3.1.x.x and WSC 3.0.x.x, pay attention to the correct version of the theme folder in the download when installing the package. Older Woltlab software (WBB 4) is not supported.


The downloaded ZIP file contains versions for the WSC 5.5, WSC 5.4, WSC 5.3, WSC 5.2, WSC 3.1 and WSC 3.0, so it has to be unpacked with a packer (eg with the free program 7-Zip). The ZIP file still contains a READ_ME_FIRST file - please open it with your browser and read carefully.

The style is installed as a package in the ACP of your Woltlab Suite 5 / Woltlab Suite 3 under CONFIGURATION> PACKAGES> INSTALL PACKAGE, where the style file archive is uploaded directly. The style package does not need to be unpacked before!

Logo editing:

Each Woltlab Suite 5 / Woltlab Suite 3 style comes with a Photoshop file for the logo and associated fonts, so please install the fonts included in the "font" order before editing the file.

If you are using Woltlab Suite 5 / Woltlab Suite 3, you can directly upload the logo in the Administrator Control Panel (ACP) under the path CUSTOMIZATION> STYLES> YOUR UTILITY> GLOBAL SETTINGS.

How do I adjust the colors of the style?

All colors of the style can be adjusted by the color palette of the style. The color of the newly created background (which was not available before ...) is determined by the parameter $wcfFooterCopyrightBackground, with some basic knowledge of CSS you can also use your own background image.

How do I customize the header image of the style?

1. Using the FTP program in the style folder of the style to be used, search IMAGES> NAME OF STYLE NAME for "headerBG.jpg" and download it to your PC.

2. Create your background image with the same pixel sizes as the original background image that was downloaded and save it as a jpg file titled headerBG (ie headerBG.jpg).

3. Transfer your self-created background image for the header via FTP program back to the style folder of the style to be used, then you refresh the page view in the browser and control it.

4. The position of the background image is changed in the CSS definition of the style in the code block .pageHeaderFacade > .layoutBoundary, the line background-position: center center; can with own data such background-position: 50% 30%; be customized to optimize your own image.

Published Versions

Small businessmen acc. Section 19 UStG.