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Instructions for practical WSC 5 / WSC 3 extensions

Available WSC 5 / WSC 3 styles & style series

The styles listed here on the page are currently available for the Woltlab Suite 5 / Woltlab Suite 3, which can only be purchased in the shop. If you do not want any visible copyright on our products, you can also purchase a branding free version for 29€ per style / style series & domain. Please note that we only accept the PayPal payment method (buyer protection!), Other payment methods are unfortunately not possible.

An important note for users of the "Multiple Rank Charts" plugin:
This plugin CANNOT be used with all of our styles / style series that have a User Xtrapanel included.

Are you perhaps looking for free styles? We also offer very high-quality, free styles / style series for the WSC 5 / WSC 3 here in the shop to our visitors / customers. Just scroll to the bottom of this page ... ;-)

You want access to our WSC demo forum ? If you are interested, please use the contact form to verify yourself as a Woltlab customer with a valid license (link to user profile in the Woltlab forum) - you will then be sent the access data after checking.

HTML / CSS3-Footer Extension with 2 Linkareas, Social Links & Description Text (German / English).


Login / unsubscribe box with user avatar, date / time, welcome text with attribution for the sidebar (German / English)


High quality Java Script picture slider (max. 10 pictures) with title texts for content & sidebar


Attractive homepage template based on HTML / Java Script for the WSC 5 / WSC 3 with various examples (german & english)

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