WSC 6 styles / styles series (paid)

Individual style offerings, not compatible with older WSC versions (WSC 5.x.x & WSC 3.x.x)

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The styles listed here on the page are currently available for the Woltlab Suite 6 / Woltlab Suite 5, which can only be purchased in the shop. If you do not want any visible copyright on our products, you can also purchase a branding free version for 29€ per style / style series & domain. Please note that we only accept the PayPal payment method (buyer protection!), Other payment methods are unfortunately not possible.

Are you perhaps looking for free styles? We also offer very high-quality, free styles / style series for the WSC 5 here in the shop to our visitors / customers. Just scroll to the bottom of this page ... ;-)

An important note for users of the "Multiple Rank Charts" & "Power settings" plugin:
This plugins CANNOT be used with all of our styles / style series that have a User Xtrapanel included.

You want access to our WSC 5 demo forum ? If you are interested, please use the contact form to verify yourself as a Woltlab customer with a valid license (link to user profile in the Woltlab forum) - you will then be sent the access data after checking.

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